Last Second Carcast #91

Matt explains some of his technical difficulties and does a last second podcast to replace the lost gem. Matt also talks about the joke police and an ...View Details

Matt talks about The Nevada Democratic primary results and his thoughts on Bernie Sanders. Matt also discusses the idea of billionaires being evil or ...View Details

Matt talks about the gun girl activist Kaitlin Bennet, that's all. Email: Facebook Group: Details

In this post fever episode, Matt talks about Jake Pauls Comments on anxiety, and plays the online game never have I ever. 

In this episode, Matt completely forgets to talk about the main topic, talks NH primaries, and his favorite city's. Email: ...View Details

Matt talks about the wacky political week, updates you with the fast food challenge, and talks about one of his new favorite mics.  Email: unfazedpodc...View Details

Matt shows a standup clip, and breaks down what goes through his head during a show. He also talks about his trip to Indianapolis, avoiding fast food,...View Details

Matt talks about his new obsession with Cart Narc, Discusses the idea of good and evil and the existence of God. Matt also talks about the best super ...View Details

Matt talks about the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, dealing with celebrity deaths, and answers the mailer questions.

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